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ThAnK YoU's


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  Hey! Well this is the part where I have all the chances to thank the people who had helped me to finish this website which is really special coz it is for a very special person well! First of all it was really not that easy to make this one because of busy sked and I've change websites name for 5 times but becoz of inspiration and other stuffs I was able to finish this with flying colors!!! Hihihi!! Well there are a bunch of people whom I like to thank first it would be Vinci thank you for helping me to finish this website for sharing me your infos, thoughts and for inspiring me you are such a nice and sweet lad, it will really help a lot of people especially girls! thanx a lot. Secondly to Gab, Buwi, Chito, Din, and Dar. For everything, for all the nicest things youve done for me thank you so much!!!!! Thirdly this website wouldnt be complete with out  the help of my Fellow angels Ate Rochelle thanx for helping me in everything for all the advices, Tals for scanning the pix for me and other stuffs and for teaching me how to deal web problems thanx  I love you guys. To April for sending me pix of vinci and to her family they are really  fun to be with. To D.j. and kuya Kervs thanx for all the help you've done for me.Kuya Kervs for the advices thanx I will keep that in mind And to my fellow Listers of Parokya ni Edgar  mailing list and kamikazee mailing list namely Angela, Karla,Rachel,Charlene,Dio,Marvy,Deana,Cecille,Belay Rhowbie,Pam,Queenie,Snuffy,Ellaine, Enialle,Yana, Cha, Rorie,Kate, Cristina,Karla Marie,Kuh, Kitty, Luv,Treasure,Nhyce,Wens,Timoti,Schizo,

Kaoru,Franz,Joycie,Renoaheart,Dianne,Grae,Dhamie,Julie, Cheche,Jessa,Rho,Reejay,Jen,Mya,Nessi,Mhadel,Apple,Deana,Hazel,Francis,Abigail

Khonie, Claire,Mikai,Miao, Rhandee,Maritess,Mitch,Janice, Alma, Jan April, Mayleen, Sheila, Ryan,Alan Donna arki, Ebot,Grace joy, Olwap,reejay,jen,mya,nessi,mhadel,apple,deana,hazel,francis,abigail

for the diyosas Ninya, Gina, Ayee, Donna, Bunsoy, To the backbeat boys to Sir Richard Tan, Kuya Gilbert, Kuya Allan and Kuya Ruel and To Maryanne, Ayuth, Mamai, Billie and Asela thanx for being so nice esp. to Asela and Maryaane for being so friendly and nice to me thank you!!!! So maybe that's all for now Thank you thank you and thank you for taking your time to look at this very special site thanx check back more often coz I might put new pictures.

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